Monday, July 16, 2018

Add/Upload Satellite Imagery To Your Custom Maps

Introducing our new Satellite Imagery Upload Feature!

We’ve been hard at work bringing the latest tools to our customers here at Scribble Maps and now we’re happy to introduce our latest feature: Add/Upload Imagery Upload. As a Scribble Maps Pro Business user you can upload your very own satellite imagery in formats such as GeoTIFF into Scribble Maps and continue to annotate your map with our easy to use GIS tools.

Upload and Go

Just like the rest of our Scribble Maps drawing tools, the Add/Upload imagery feature is simple and intuitive to use. As a Pro Business subscriber you quickly access it from the Base Layers Panel and by uploading your own satellite image. That’s it! There’s no need to position or tweak the uploaded satellite image, it’ll snap to its coordinates on your selected base map layer.

Is it Right for You?

Our government agency clients have been asking us for the ability to upload satellite imagery for months now and we’ve been listening. Agriculture, auditing, energy and security all require up to date satellite drawing capabilities and we’ve delivered. We’re the only mapping web-app on the market today that provides you the ability to upload your own satellite imagery.

Let's Get Your Started

You can only get our newest feature with a Scribble Maps Pro Business subscription today. Take your GIS game to the next level with our professional-grade tools.