Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Clickable Maps have Arrived!

This is a feature we got a lot of requests for and that is the ability to create a map widget where regions can link out to different websites/pages. So we are excited to announce you can now do this in Scribble Maps!

Creating a clickable map is as simple as clicking the pencil (edit) in the layer panel for the overlay. For full instructions please visit Create a Clickable Map.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Map Claiming and Anonymous Maps

We thought we would clear up some confusion that some of our users are having after the update.

Currently Scribble Maps allows for the creation of "anonymous" maps and maps created under someone's account. In the most recent update we introduced something called map claiming which means the first user to save an anonymous map claims it to their account.

Once a map is claimed, if no password is specified the claiming user will be the only ones able to save the map and in order to do so they will need to be logged in. If they want to allow others to edit it, they still can, but a password needs to be specified.

We did this for several reasons, we increasingly were getting requests for forgotten passwords for anonymous maps. Secondly, before claiming there was no way to delete an anonymous map, it could only be wiped. Lastly, we have a new feature coming which is backup history for all maps. This will allow maps to be rolled back to a previous save state and because of this we wanted to implement map claiming to improve security for maps.

We are planning to add a map editors function that will allow the map owner to specify emails of accounts that can edit a map without having to specify a password to improve collaboratively editing maps.

Note: Currently, the user who claims the map will need to specify the password every time they save if they want to allow others to edit it. The moment the map is saved without a password, other users will not be able to save edit.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Large Update

Today we rolled out version 1.508 which is one of our largest updates in the last year to Scribble Maps. We hope this update will help bridge the gap between our regular editor and Pro until pro is completely rebuilt.

The biggest addition in this update is the addition of a photoshop style layer panel (VIP/PRO only).

This is actually the type of layer panel we always wanted to create and it is far superior to the current Pro layer panel because it includes sub-groups and improved visibility toggling. If you are a current Pro member you can transition over to the regular editor and this new layer panel will be available for you to start using today.

With the layer panel we have also rolled out an improved widget that supports the visibility and group settings of the layer panel (toggle overlay list).

Many who have been watching the regular editor improve have noted that it is better than pro in many ways, and pro's current lack was made even more evident when we were forced to move to mapquest to keep it functional. However because of the layer panel and additional tools, many still continue to use Pro.

Today, we are recommending that all our current Pro users move over to the regular editor unless there is a specific tool they need in the current version of Pro. This should be much easier now that we have the layer panel in the regular editor. Eventually all the missing tools will be added again and we will re-launch pro with all the extra tools. We know this isn't ideal but the regular editor (with VIP/PRO membership) is far superior to the existing version of pro. As a VIP member you not only get access to our new layer panel but you can actually download larger images, in addition to having access to more map layers.

VIP / Pro explained
There might be some confusion the difference between VIP / Pro and we hope to clear it up. We currently only offer one product on Scribble Maps and that is VIP. Before VIP it was called pro and all it did was give access to our Pro product. When we created VIP we transitioned all current pro members to VIP.

VIP gives access to enhanced features in the regular editor AND access to pro. We did this because we wanted to roll out improvements for our paying members as quickly as possible as we rebuilt pro. If you have only been using pro we highly recommend you go and try out our new regular editor.

Future Updates
Generally we update our twitter more frequently than this blog, but we will try to make a better effort to keep this blog updated as well. In addition whenever you visit you can see our update log.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve Scribble Maps. We have a lot more features planned based on your feedback and are so excited to get them done and out to you!