Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Map Claiming and Anonymous Maps

We thought we would clear up some confusion that some of our users are having after the update.

Currently Scribble Maps allows for the creation of "anonymous" maps and maps created under someone's account. In the most recent update we introduced something called map claiming which means the first user to save an anonymous map claims it to their account.

Once a map is claimed, if no password is specified the claiming user will be the only ones able to save the map and in order to do so they will need to be logged in. If they want to allow others to edit it, they still can, but a password needs to be specified.

We did this for several reasons, we increasingly were getting requests for forgotten passwords for anonymous maps. Secondly, before claiming there was no way to delete an anonymous map, it could only be wiped. Lastly, we have a new feature coming which is backup history for all maps. This will allow maps to be rolled back to a previous save state and because of this we wanted to implement map claiming to improve security for maps.

We are planning to add a map editors function that will allow the map owner to specify emails of accounts that can edit a map without having to specify a password to improve collaboratively editing maps.

Note: Currently, the user who claims the map will need to specify the password every time they save if they want to allow others to edit it. The moment the map is saved without a password, other users will not be able to save edit.


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