The Closing of Platial

The closing of platial is both sad, and exciting. After platial's first year they had 15,000 user create maps. On the 29th of this year, ScribbleMaps will be exactly one year old, and we have had around 14,000 user created maps (not including private maps).

Firstly, the closing of platial is sad because their goal was essentially the same as ours, to make an easy to use online mapping application that anyone could use. Scribble Maps while a little different then platial in terms of our objectives for mapping, one of our main focuses is drawing, it is still enough to make us a little sad to see it go.

Next, we are excited because platial is a good example of what people can do when they have easy to use tools. We're excited to see what you will make using Scribblemaps.


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