Scribble Maps Secrets

Since we are currently working on documentation there are some not well know features that are in Scribble Maps but not well documented, or under utilized.

Ctrl-Z: While we have undo buttons listed in Pro, ctrl-z actually works in Scribble Maps as well, this allows you to undo the last action you did, including erase.

Ctrl-S: This is a quick key to rapidly save your map, if you have already specified a password, this will quickly save the map, great for working on large projects.

Map Importing: Maps can actually be imported into other maps, or used to duplicate a map to another other id. This functionality can be found under load/import.

KML Feed Support: KML can be loaded directly into a widget by adding the flash var kml=path, further more, KML can be loaded directly into scribble maps via the following url

OpenStreetMap & CloudMade: In addition to Google, Scribble Maps also support OpenStreetMap and cloudmade tile layers, that you can draw all over.

3D Widgets: Perspective views can be saved and loaded in a widget.

Requesting Features: We are constantly adding features, we have implemented a large percent of user feature requests, we rarely say no, and we are currently working on multiple user requested features.

Map Directory: Maps can be viewed as they are created at


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