Thursday, December 1, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates, we have been working on Scribble Maps. Since our last post Scribble Maps has been growing, and we are consistently amazed to see the new industries that are starting to find usages for Scribble Maps. Here are a couple of things we have been working on.

HTML5 Conversion
Scribble Maps is currently built using flash, we initially decided to use flash for its cross browser support and because of its performance. However, native browser technology has finally got to a point where we feel some what comfortable starting to transition the whole application to native technologies. We don't have an exact timeline for this, but the work has begun. Initially the first HTML5 roll out will be for the basic version of Scribble Maps and then later to the pro version. Our widget is already HTML5 compatible (it switches between the flash and js api accordingly).

Scribble Maps API
We are building an API that would allow Scribble Maps to be utilized on other websites, this goes hand in hand with our HTML5 conversion, the API will be fully a JS implementation. The initial functionality will be very basic at first allow for the retrieval of KML/GPX and basic access to our infrastructure.

Scribble Maps Classroom
One of our biggest users of Scribble Maps our teachers and students. We have had a variety of conversations with teachers, as well as some companies in the education space and we have started building a custom solution that uses Scribble Maps as a base for the education market.

Thanks all for your support and keep on Scribbling!


  1. Thanks so much for the update. I love scribble maps pro!

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