Travel Time Polygon Enhancement

We have added two new styles hex tile and square tile to the travel polygon functionality. We have also added the ability to create travel polygon based on distance. If you are familiar with this operation, you can hop right in. If you are new to Scribble Maps, read on for an explanation of how to create your own travel polygon.

There are different names for it including isochrone maps, travel time polygons, and drive time radius but regardless of the name it serves the same purpose. It's a shape that identifies areas with a shared attribute such as what is within a ten minute walk or drive.

With Scribble Maps we allow you to make these travel polygons easily. We have two different modes one for time, and one for distance. Time is useful when you want to be able to figure out what is within a certain travel time of a particular point. Distance allows you to figure out how much distance is travelled which is useful for things like insurance.

To create a travel time polygon or drive radius map in Scribble Maps requires 3 steps.

Step 1: Add A Marker To the Map

Step 2: Select Analysis > Time/Distance Polygon Under Operations

Step 3: Set your options and click "Create Travel Polygon"

That's it! You will now have a travel time polygon. From here you can use our search to add things like cafes, banks, etc.. which is very useful if you are wanting to buy a house, sell a house, or even choose a hotel to stay at.

Hex Style Travel Time Isochrone


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