The Mapping Swiss Army Knife Of Real Estate

Knowledge is power! So why not have as much of it as possible. The more data you can collect, the more informed your decisions can be. But what do you do with all that data once you have it? Now you have stacks and stacks of information, how do you make sense of it all? Using our online map maker we make it easy.

Here Are 5 ways you can use Scribble Maps for Real Estate:

1. Transform your Spreadsheets into Maps

Tell the story of your data through visual representation.

Most people would rather watch a movie than read the script. Use Scribble Maps to import your XLS, CVS and other spreadsheets to bring your spreadsheets to life and help illustrate the full story. Data is dull; maps are memorable!

2. Data filtering

Once you have imported your spreadsheets, use our data filtering tools to efficiently sort through information.

Data filtering helps show data that you want to see based on specific conditions.

It allows you to quickly filter spreadsheets such as XLS, CVS, or custom attributes you added yourself.

Once you define filters, others you share your maps with can use the filters to get the data they are looking for.

3. Find out what is around you

What amenities and services do you have access to? Just how far of a walk or drive is it to get to where you want to go? And how much will it cost you in gas to drive there? 

Our Radius Tools, Travel Time Polygons and Nearby Search help you discover points of interest and possible missed opportunities. 

You can visit the site and its surrounding areas remotely and gain more insight and knowledge without ever leaving your home.

With the radius feature and the ability to search out nearby amenities, you can learn about the areas that surround each site and the potential impact on your prospective property. 

4. Use layers to analyze and compare data

Through layers such as heatmaps, you can analyze the data around locations and compare them from one site to the next while looking for trends and missed opportunities.

Even affordable housing projects have been able to easily illustrate areas of greatest need. Scribble Maps makes it easy and affordable to add & subtract details as needed, giving you the advantage of being more accurate and productive with your real estate needs. 

5. Determine the most cost-efficient route

Also known as the traveling salesperson problem. With the Scribble Maps route optimization feature, you can quickly find locations and calculate routes with the best driving directions.

It's not just finding the shortest path between two points. Our tools calculate all relevant factors, such as the number and location of all the required stops on the route and time windows for deliveries.

The real estate business is a cut-throat industry with shrewd negotiators and tactical buyers. But when you have a complete understanding of your personal or business needs, you can make the best financial decision possible, and that’s always better for the bottom line. Because we all know that time is money! But also money is money! Scribble Maps saves you both with the most complete GIS software for the price. It’s the biggest bang for your buck! Arm yourself with the best swiss army knife in the game and cut down the competition with Scribble Maps!

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