Introducing Fractional Zoom

Redefining Precision and Detail with the Image Generator

In the ever-evolving world of cartography, where maps are the compasses guiding us through uncharted territories, precision and detail serve as the North Star. We are excited to introduce our new Fractional Zoom feature, available exclusively through the Image Generator. With Fractional Zoom, you can now take your images and PDFs to incredible precision and detail, bringing your visions to life like never before.

What is the Image Generator?

The Image Generator in Scribble Maps empowers you to customize and save your map printouts effortlessly. Experience the flexibility to create stunning images and PDFs that perfectly capture the essence of your maps. Whether for complex cartographic projects or creating travel posters, the Image Generator offers a range of powerful options to enhance your map outputs.

With the Image Generator, you can:

  • Save your map: Conveniently save your maps for further customization and exploration.
  • Generate image files: Create high-quality image files tailored to your specific needs. Customize the width, height, and image format (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF) to achieve the desired result.
  • Save as PDF: Save your maps as PDFs while preserving the visual quality and formatting of your maps in a versatile and shareable format.

The Image Generator is designed with the tools you need to bring your maps to life and showcase them in the best possible way. 

What is Fractional Zoom?

Unlike the traditional zoom levels, limited to whole numbers, Fractional Zoom introduces 99 additional zoom levels between each standard zoom level. For instance, between Zoom level 5 and Zoom level 6, you gain access to a range from 5.01 to 5.99. That's incredible accuracy!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Precision: With Fractional Zoom, you hold the magnifying glass of cartographic artistry, allowing you to explore the otherwise hidden details of your maps. Experience a new level of precision and control when saving images and PDFs to capture intricate details with fractional zoom levels that are remarkably user-friendly.
  • Visual Clarity: Immerse yourself in a world of visual clarity where no detail goes unnoticed. Watch as your maps come alive with breathtaking visual clarity. Fractional Zoom ensures that every intricate detail of your map is presented in stunning high-definition. Whether you're working on complex cartographic projects or want to make a poster of your travels, the enhanced visual representation will elevate your work to new levels of artistry.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Your maps should be as unique as your imagination. Tailor your image compositions to your specific needs with the flexibility of Fractional Zoom. Discover a new realm of flexibility with Fractional Zoom, allowing you to effortlessly strike the perfect balance between the bigger picture and detailed analysis, adapting your approach to suit diverse requirements.

We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of GIS technology. Fractional Zoom exemplifies our dedication to empowering GIS professionals and enthusiasts with cutting-edge tools and features. 

Real-World Application:

Imagine embarking on a project that demands a highly detailed map of the United States. Before Fractional Zoom, the challenge was achieving the perfect balance between capturing the broader context and highlighting intricate details. You had to make compromises. Either you didn't zoom in enough and had to settle for a map that included the entire country along with vast stretches of water, or if you zoomed in too closely, by sacrificing the visibility of important regions.

However, with the innovative Fractional Zoom feature offered by the Image Generator, you now have the power to redefine precision and detail in your maps. No longer bound by limitations, you can create maps that truly showcase the beauty and complexity of the United States.

Getting Started with Fractional Zoom:

Are you ready to embark on a captivating journey that will revolutionize your mapping printing endeavours? It all begins with the Image Generator in Scribble Maps. Leverage the precision zoom control offered by Fractional Zoom when creating and saving images or PDFs, and unlock unparalleled detail and accuracy. Immerse yourself in the art of cartography and experience the true potential of your maps.

For detailed instructions and further information about Fractional Zoom and the Image Generator, refer to our comprehensive Help Article: Print Your Map: Image Generator - "Menu > Save Image/PDF".

At Scribble Maps, we value our users' feedback! It is the lifeblood of our innovation. As we work diligently to implement new tools and features, we are thrilled to bring you the finest offerings, ensuring an unparalleled mapping experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and innovations as we continue to strive to enhance your GIS journey. 

Ready to experience the precision and detail of Fractional Zoom? Access the Image Generator in Scribble Maps today and unlock a new level of mapping excellence. Join the growing community of passionate mappers who are redefining the art of mapmaking, one zoom level at a time.


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